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The EPIDEMYCHESKY CENTER (the Greek epidemos extended among the people; a synonym the center of an infectious disease) — the location of a source of an infection and the territory surrounding it, in limits a cut is possible distribution of a disease-producing factor that is caused by the corresponding mechanism of transfer.

AA. the lake is a basic element of epidemic process (see). The sizes (borders) of the center decide on the known share of convention by specific features of the mechanism of transfer, and also a degree of activity of ways and factors of transfer of the causative agent of this infectious disease in specific social and an environment. As a rule, at diseases with a natural ochagovost (see) borders E. the lake is much wider, than at antroponoza (see).

AA. lakes usually find in connection with identification of the patient with manifestly proceeding infectious disease, is more rare — as a result a lab. inspections of clinically healthy people. At the same time in the epidemic relation patients with atypically proceeding forms of infectious diseases, and also the persons communicating with them being in an incubation interval of a disease or healthy carriers of a contagium are the most dangerous.

The main events held in E. the lake for the purpose of its elimination (see. Anti-epidemic actions), consist in identification, isolation and sanitation of all patients irrespective of a wedge, forms of a disease. However E. the lake can keep activity and after neutralization of a source (sources) of an infection if the activator remained viable in the environment (e.g., AA. the lake of acute intestinal infections) or in an organism of arthropod carriers (e.g., AA. lake of blood infections). Therefore action for elimination, the second for the importance, E. the lake is carrying out disinfection (see), disinsections (see) and deratization (see).

The concept «epidemic center» cannot be identified with the concepts «infection focus» and «center of an infection». Mean the territory which was affected by bacteriological weapon by «infection focus» (see the Center of mass defeats); with «the center of an infection» which is connected with the local pathological changes in an organism of the specific patient caused by local influence of microorganisms or action of toxic products of their life activity. Bibliography: See bibliogr. to St. Epidemiology. P. N. Burgasov, A. A. Sumarokov.