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The EOZINOFYLNY TEST of m e with t -

N y y (a synonym the «skin window» test) — a method of identification of a sensitization by means of a research of kinetics of cellular structure in the center of an allergic inflammation. AA. t. is option of skin test (see. Skin tests).

At statement E. t. from the skin of a forearm which is previously processed 70% by alcohol acute lezviyekhm razors delete the site of epidermis to dia. 3 — 4 mm. Apply solution or suspension of the studied substance on the injured skin, close sterile cover glass, atop to-rogo impose a cardboard, and fix. Owing to damage and effect of the studied substance inflammatory reaction with emigration of cells under glass develops. Glasses with prints of cells change through various time slices (e.g., through 3; 6; 9; 12; 15 and 24 hours). The removed glasses dry up and paint similar to blood smears (see Romanovsky — Gimza a method). Then under a microscope define a type of cells and their ratio as a percentage. During the carrying out this test it is necessary to observe sterility since microbic pollution considerably changes result.

During the use E. t. it is established that at persons with the contact dermatitis caused by a number of chemical substances (e.g., 2,4 dinitrobenzene chloride), in exudate the maintenance of basphilic and eosinophilic granulocytes or only basphilic granulocytes in comparison with exudate at not allergic inflammation increases. At a research of effect of tuberculine and a diphtherial anatoxin at persons, sensibilized to these substances, less expressed distinctions are revealed.

Treat shortcomings of this test: need of a long

research (to 2 — 3 days), a possibility of microbic pollution at repeated change of glasses, restriction of set of the used substances with so-called not piogenic substances, i.e. not causing a purulent inflammation.

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