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ENZOOTY (enzootia; Greek ep among, between + zoon animal) — constant existence in this area of diseases of animals of certain, usually infectious disease. In this understanding the term «enzooty» corresponds epidemiol. to the term an endemia (see). Derivative from E. the concept «enzootich-nost», i.e. the confinedness of a disease to a certain area connected with a natural ochagovost of diseases or socio-economic factors is.

Distinguish true and statistical E. Istinnaya E. it is connected with an environment of the area (area of dwelling of wildings — sources of contagiums), with a landscape, climate, existence of specific carriers of the activator and a possibility of its preservation out of an organism of an animal and other factors. Such dependence E. from a certain environment excludes universal spread of a disease. In such understanding true E. the center true E matches the concept «natural ochagovost», and. an infectious disease represents the natural center of this disease. If the disease-producing factor adapts to new conditions, the disease can extend out of limits of the enzootic center.

Statistical E. it is connected with economic activity of the person, a state vt. - a dignity. supervision. It is characteristic of the nek-ry diseases registered everywhere in various conditions, napr for to-libakterioza and a salmonellosis of calfs; these diseases are result of bad keeping and feeding of animals.

The concept «enzooty» is applicable also to the noninfectious diseases in particular arising owing to insufficiency of nek-ry chemical elements in the soil, water, plants. Bibliography: See bibliogr. to St. Endemia.

K. V. Krashkevich.