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ENUCLEATION (enucleatio; lat. enucleare to take a kernel, to enucleate; a synonym enucleation) — surgery of full removal of the anatomic or pathological education having the capsule. Example E. anatomic education removal of an eye can serve (see Enucleation of an eye). From patol. educations most often E. nek-ry benign tumors (see) or cysts (see the Cyst), napr, an atheroma are exposed (see. An epidermoid cyst), a dermoid cyst (see the Dermoid), an adenomatous thyroid nodule (see the Craw), etc. Sometimes E. combine with partial removal of the fabric surrounding a tumor (e.g., enucleation resection at operations for a nodal craw). In cytology the term «enucleation» means removal of a cellular kernel.