ENTIN David Abramovich

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ENTIN David Abramovich (1888 — 1957) is the Soviet military stomatologist, the chief stomatologist of the Soviet Army (1941 — 1951), zasl. scientist (1943). Major general of medical service (1943).

Ended in 1913 medical Yuryevsky's f-t (nowadays Tartu) un-that. In

1913 — 1914 was engaged in studying of displays of leprosy in an oral cavity (in Russia, India and on Ceylon). Was involved in World War I. Since 1924 worked as the teacher of an independent course of odontology of VMA transformed on its initiative (1929) to department of maxillofacial surgery and stomatology with clinic, to-ruyu it headed till 1951. Professor (1931). Combatant on river Halkhin-Gol (1939), Soviet-Finnish conflict (1939 — 1940) and Great Patriotic War.

D. A. Entin published St. 100 scientific works, including three textbooks, one monograph, and also the instructions and manuals on military stomatology which laid the organizational foundation of assistance to dental patients and wounded (see Stomatology, military stomatology). The main activity of D. A. Entin was studying of the organization of the help by the special tools and objects of leaving wounded in a face and working off of equipment of maxillary departments (see. Dental equipment). He studied oral sepsis as clinical and social problems, an etiology and a cariogenesis of teeth (see Caries of tooth) and periodontosis. Scientifically proved a role of planned sanitation of an oral cavity in prevention of many diseases of the person and promoted its implementation in troops.

D. A. Entin was elected by the honorary member of the International dental surgery academy in Washington, Dental association of Cuba, the French association on studying of periodontosis.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, Patriotic war of the II degree and medals.

Works: Experiences of reconstruction of a facial skeleton, M. — Pg., 1924; Therapeutic stomatology, M. — JI., 1938 (sovm. with Guo-fungom E. M.); Pre-medical medical care and leaving at maxillofacial wounds, M. — JI., 1939, M., 1941; Short textbook of stomatology, 1st prod., JI., 1939, 3 prod., 1954; The Help at the front the maxillofacial wounded, Field maxillofacial traumatology, M. — JI., 1940; Military maxillofacial surgery, M. — L., 1941, M., 1945; Experience of the Soviet medicine in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945, t. 6, M., 1951 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); Guide to rendering the dental help in the Soviet Army and Navy, M., 1956.

Bibliography: Bronstein Ya. E. and Geykin M. K. A career of D. A. Entin (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Stomatology, No. 4, page 6, 1948; Entin David Abramovich (1888 — 1957), in book: Golbraykh V. R. Gallery of prominent surgeons of domestic stomatology, page 60, Volgograd, 1985. H. M. Alexandrov.