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ENTEROTOMYYa (Greek enteron a gut + tome a section, a section) — operation of opening of a gleam of a small bowel.

Depending on that what gleam of department of a small bowel is opened, distinguish a duodenotomy, a jejunotomy, an ileotomy.

AA. carry out from diagnostic or to lay down. purpose. At diagnostic E. make a biopsy of a mucous membrane. Indications to medical E.: need of removal of a foreign body (a gallstone, a conglomerate of ascarids, etc.), a benign tumor (a polyp, carcinoid) or contents of a small bowel at impassability of intestines.

AA. make after a laparopgomiya (see). The wall of a gut is cut in lengthwise direction on the party opposite to a mesentery, between previously imposed two seams handles. Opening of a gleam of a gut in transverse direction can be carried out on the descending part of a duodenum when intervention in areas of a faterov of a nipple is necessary (see). The vessels bleeding on edge of a section take clips and tie up. In recent years use diathermocoagulation (see) or a laser scalpel more often (see the Laser, lasers in surgery). The foreign body from a gleam of a gut is deleted. The benign tumor is excised after underrunning and bandaging of its basis. Defect of a gut is taken in in transverse direction a two-row seam in order to avoid narrowing of its gleam. After E. the abdominal cavity is taken in tightly.

See also Intestines, operations; Enterostomy. t. S. Odaryuk.