ENEGOLM Ilya Ivanovich

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ENEGOLM Ilya Ivanovich (Ene-holm Elias Gustav, 1764 — 1838) is the medical officer, the figure in the field of military medicine and military-medical formation of Russia, on a nationality the Swede.

Medical education and the doctor was entitled in Uppsala (Sweden). In 1785 arrived to Russia. In 1786 after passing an examination in Medical board it was granted the right of medical practice. He served as a doctor in the Vyborg namestnichestvo, and then in the Russian field army where held positions of the divisional and case doctor. In 1790 for the thesis «About age diseases» with Medical board it was awarded ranks of the doctor of medicine and surgery. In 1797 — 1805 was an inspector of the Vilensky medical justice and the military-medical inspector of Lithuania, and during Napoleonic wars and the Russian-Swedish war of 1808 — 1809 — a gene - ral the Russian Russian army. From 1809 to 1831 was an inspector of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy; repeatedly fulfilled duties of the vice-president of academy.

Twenty summer experience of scientific and practical profession of a physician of I. I. Enegolm generalized in the work «Pocket Book of Military Hygiene or Note on Preservation of Health of the Russian Soldiers» (1813) consisting of three parts («eras»), each of to-rykh corresponds to one of three main periods of military service — during the world, a campaign and battle. This work, remarkable for the time, which did not lose the value till today represents the first original domestic work concerning military hygiene and the organization of military health care (see Hygiene military). I. I. Enegolm possesses some more works, including the monograph about morbid depression and its treatment (1815).

I. I. Enegolm was the honorary member of Vilensky academy (1797), State medical board (since 1802) and Medical council of the Ministry of Public Education (since 1809).

Works: Pocket book of military hygiene or note on preservation of health of the Russian soldiers, SPb., 1813; Short review of morbid depression and its treatment, SPb., 1815.

Bibliography: The Nevsky

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