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ENDO WEDNESDAY (S. Endo, the Japanese bacteriologist, 1869 — 1937) — the differential and selection environment for allocation of bacteria of intestinal group.

It is offered in 1904 by the Japanese bacteriologist Endo. AA. the page is applied at bacterial. researches of the material (is preferential excrements) taken from the inspected persons and sanitary and bacteriological researches of objects of the environment — waters, foodstuff, waste liquids, washouts from objects of a hospital situation and catering establishments. AA. the page allows to distinguish the gram-negative bacteria decomposing lactose from other bacteria which are not decomposing this carbohydrate. During the splitting of lactose bacteria form products of intermediate disintegration — aldehydes, to-rye recover the main fuchsin which is earlier decoloured by sodium sulfite. As a result of this process of bacterial clump, decomposing lactose, are painted in red color, it is frequent with a metal shade. Fuchsin affects bacteriostatically gram-positive bacteria, but nek-ry, napr, enterococci, develop on E. page in the form of small pink colonies. For elimination of swarming of protiums (distribution of bacteria on all surface of the environment) to E. the page are added by crystal violet, tetraethyl-diamino-triphenyl-carbohydride sulfate, in some cases — alcohol in small concentration or increase concentration of fuchsin.

As a nutritious basis E. villages use various grades of peptone or usual beef-extract 2% an agar. Bring in 100 ml of the kindled sterile agar 1 ml of 3% of spirit solution of fuchsin, 5 ml of 2,5% of water solution of anhydrous sodium sulfite and 1 g of the lactose dissolved in a small amount of water. The prepared environment is stirred and spilled in cups. There are also other ways of preparation E. pages, however many of them lost value. In a crust, time widely use dry powder drug E. page

See also Differential and diagnostic environments, Mediums.

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