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ENDOTHELIOMA (endothelioma; the endothelium] + - orna) — the term applied to designation of tumors a parenchyma to-rykh consists of neogenic endothelial cells.

The term is offered in 1869 to C. Golgi. Idea of these tumors from the very beginning was uncertain since for the second half of 19 century and at the beginning of 20 century there were various opinions on an origin of an endothelium (see). Assumed the epithelial, mesodermal or mesenchymal nature of endotheliomas. E.g., by Boret (M. of Borst), recognizing various histogenesis of an endothelium, considered that it should be allocated as special morfol. group, originative to tumors — endotheliomas. Later there was an idea of endotheliomas as the tumors coming from the angioblast and cells close to an embryonal mesenchyma like reticular fabric. Carried to this group of tumors also angiomas and angioendotelioma.

I. F. Pozharisky (1923) suggested to apply the term «endothelioma» to designation of tumors of group of angiomas and to mark out two categories of these tumors: the angiomas as the most typical endotheliomas forming vessels, covered by a tumoral endothelium, and actually endotheliomas, which lost ability to formation of vessels. The most disputable was the question of allocation of the last group, criteria of reference of tumors to a cut were extremely uncertain. So, Chachcho (S. of Cia-ccio, 1909) specified that the endothelioma can be considered a tumor, cells a cut are similar on epithelial even if it is found in bodies, is normal free of of an epithelium. The retrospective analysis of scientific literature on this matter which is carried out B. Fischer-Vazelsy (1927) showed that under the name «endothelioma» the most various tumors — krukenber-govsky ovarian cancer (see Ovaries, tumors), enclavomas of sialadens (see Sialadens), a tsilindroma (see), a nevus (see), mesothelioma (see), a meningioma (see), a seminoma were described (see). This list, according to M. F. Glazunov (1947), allows to claim that gistol. criteria of diagnosis of endotheliomas are extremely not certain.

In a crust, time the term «endothelioma» lost the value and is excluded from the International histologic classification of tumors. As the terminoelement it is applied to designation of nek-ry tumors, napr, limfangioendotelioma, ge-mangioendotelioma.

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