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ENDERS John (Enders John Franklin, sort. in 1897) — the American virologist, the member of National academy of Sciences of the USA (1953), the Nobel Prize laureate (1954).

In 1919 ended Yale un-t, got medical education in

Harvard un-those (1922). From 1929 to 1956 worked in medical college Harvard un-that, holding positions from the assistant to professor of department. In 1946 — 1972 at the same time directed the laboratory of infectious diseases founded by it, and then the research department in children's hospital of Boston.

For a number of years was a consultant of army of the USA lo to questions of virology and epidemiology.

The first scientific works of J. Enders were devoted to bacteriology. In the subsequent its scientific activity was connected generally with virology. In 1948 — 1952 he together with Weller (T. N. of Weller) and F. Ch. Robbins proved a possibility of use of cultures of fabrics for a reproduction of viruses in a lab. conditions. After J. Enders with employees established a possibility of cultivation of viruses of poliomyelitis and measles in cellular cultures, and also developed a method of definition of types of poliomyelitis viruses with use of antiserums and cellular cultures. Thanks to works of J. Enders and his employees the method of single-layer cultures of cells since 50th received universal use in virology.

A Nobel Prize of J. Enders it is awarded together with Weller and Robbins for development of a method of cultivation of a virus of poliomyelitis in culture of fabric.

J. Enders is the member of many American and foreign academies of l scientific about - century

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