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ENCYCLOPAEDIC SLO-VAR of MILITARY MEDICINE (ESVM) — the first in the world literature military-medical encyclopedia which is the fundamental scientific handbook on the main questions of the theory and practice of military health care; it is published in the USSR in 1946 — 1950.

The encyclopedic DICTIONARY of the MEDICAL

TERMS 267 Dictionary consists of six volumes (articles, in the last — indexes are placed in the first five). In it St. 1700 articles are published, in to-rykh it is described apprx. 100 thousand terms and concepts; the text of articles is supplemented apprx. 4 thousand illustrations and apprx. 13 thousand bibliographic sources.

Many outstanding scientists representing primary branches of military medicine and also the medical officers who had wide practical experience in medical providing the Soviet Army and Navy took part in creation of the dictionary: E. I. Smirnov (hl. editor), L. A. Orbeli, N. I. Zavalishin,

V. N. Shevkunenko (deputies of hl. editors), F. F. Andreyev, A. Ya. Barabanov, T. E. Boldyrev, S. S. Gere-golav, A. P. Popov, V. N. Shamov, etc.

Experience of medical providing Armed Forces of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 — 1945 is widely used and covered in articles of the dictionary. Much attention is paid also to history of domestic military medicine. Authors of many articles, in particular P. V. Abramov, M. I. Barsukov, T. I. Maslinkov-sky, S. A. Semik, V. I. Shestov, G. B. Yakovlev, having purposefully studied archive materials and having critically estimated data of istorikomeditsinsky literature, distance correct, from positions of Marxist-Leninist methodology, illumination of history of development of forces and means of medical service of armed forces in pre-revolutionary Russia and at the USSR. The analysis of systems and methods of medical providing troops in general and in relation to separate military campaigns allowed to track their evolution, and also formation of military medicine during the Soviet period and to estimate its great achievements during the Great Patriotic War.

Despite the considerable term which passed since the edition of the dictionary, many data placed in it did not lose the value to a crust, time.

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