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EMPYEMA of the PLEURA (empyema pleurae; Greek empyema abscess; Greek pleura an edge, a side) — accumulation of purulent exudate in a pleural cavity — see Pleurisy.

EMS (Ems, Bud Ems) — the balneo-therapeutic resort in Germany (Earth Rheinland-Pfalts). Lang at the height of 400 m in the beauty spot surrounded with the mountains protecting the resort from cold winds is located near Koblenz on slopes of the mountain Taunus in the valley of river. The climate is characterized in the warm summer (average temperature of July 19 °) and in the soft winter.

The main to lay down. a factor — sources thermal (t ° 28 — 52 °) carbonic gidrokarbonatno-hloridno-nat-riyevykh the mineral waters used for bathtubs, inhalations, flourishes, irrigations and also for drinking treatment and pouring in bottles. From mineral water receive medical (emsky) salt. In the resort there are bathing buildings, numerous hotels and boarding houses. Indications: diseases of bodies of blood circulation, digestion, breath, female generative organs.