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EMISSION (Latin pollutio defilement) — the involuntary ejaculation (ejaculation) coming at the man out of the sexual or onanistichesky intercourse. The item represents typical ejaculation (see); it is caused by sexual excitement and is followed orgasm (see), than differs from an involuntary semyavydeleniye of other origin (see. Spermatorrhea ). The item happens without intimacy of the man and the woman that distinguishes it from a premature ejaculation, a cut can come at the man prior to sexual intercourse.

The item comes in a dream more often, is more rare in a condition of wakefulness. In a dream it arises, as a rule, at dreams of erotic character and a spontaneous erection, but can occur also without the last. In a condition of wakefulness of P. happens owing to sexual excitement at persons to decrease in excitation thresholds of the centers of an ejaculation.

Items begin to appear at teenage or youthful age. With approach puberty (see) and prior to the beginning of regular sex life (see) P. represent the normal physiological phenomenon. The item at men of young and middle age is observed, as a rule, in the period of long sexual abstinence (see) is also the natural compensatory mechanism promoting periodic emptying of seminiferous ways and warning developments of stagnation in generative organs. P.'s frequency is normal at teenagers and young men — on average once a week, at adults — once a month; at this P. do not involve either subjective unpleasant feelings, or harmful effects.

More frequent P. and emergence in the adult men having regular sex consider them as a symptom of a disease of generative organs or c. N of page. Reason patol. Items more often are inflammatory diseases seminal hillock (see), seed bubbles (see. Vesiculitis ), a prostate (see. Prostatitis ), tumoral defeats of these bodies are more rare, at to-rykh P. is followed hemospermia (see). Patol. Items can be a symptom of defeat of those departments of a head and spinal cord which carry out regulation of an erection and ejaculation. Patol. Items sometimes are followed by feelings of fatigue, weakness, slackness, a headache, disturbances of a sexual potentiality.

Treatment and the forecast at patol. Items are defined by character of a basic disease.

A. L. Shabad.