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— the department of policlinic intended for rendering the round-the-clock medical care by the patient with injuries.

Etc. not less than 200 thousand people (in the regional, regional, republican centers — not less than 100 thousand) or a medical and sanitary part (see) large enterprise (30 — 40 thousand working) will be organized in one of policlinics (see) the cities (the urban administrative region) with the population. With the permission of the Minister of Health of the federal republic Other it can be organized in one of policlinics of the cities with the population from 100 to 200 thousand people which are not the regional, regional, republican centers.

Indoors Etc., as a rule, allocate the following rooms: operational, preoperative, plaster, office of the manager, office of the senior nurse (material), staffroom. The equipment Other is regulated by the sheet of equipment approved by the order M3 USSR.

Etc. give the emergency help to all addressed patients with injuries irrespective of the place of their residence and carry out the subsequent treatment of patients, carry out examination of temporary disability of victims (see Examination), medical examination of patients with effects of injuries, and also control the organization travmatol. the help in the area, provide advice to doctors to lay down. institutions of the area, conduct work on medical aspects of prevention of traumatism (see).

The States traumatologists-orthopedists establish depending on volume travmatol. the help and settlement norms of service, but not less necessary number of positions for providing one round-the-clock post.

The number of nurses is determined depending on volume round-the-clock out-patient travmatol. help. Enter additional positions of X-ray laboratory assistants, massage nurses and the instructor of LFK into states of the policlinics having Other.

The main indicators of activity Other, in addition to standard for out-patient and polyclinic institutions (see Policlinic), are data on number of accidents, poisonings and injuries among adults, teenagers and children taking into account their character (production, road and transport,

sports, school etc.).

See also Traumatology.

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