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EMERGENCY NOTICE — the urgent report to the sanitary and epidemic station, and through it to heads of bodies of health care about detection of an infectious disease, food or acute professional poisoning, unusual reaction to an inoculation.

AA. and. it is sent irrespective of the place of infection and nationality of the diseased. It is the main primary medical document of the accounting of infectious diseases, allows to provide timely holding anti-epidemic actions.

AA. and. the medic in the form No. 58 approved by M3 of the USSR makes and sends to territorial SES in the place of detection of a disease (irrespective of a sore point) not later than in 12 hours from the moment of detection of the diseased. The diagnosis, the main passport data of the diseased, his home address and the place of work, start date of a disease, date of the request for medical aid and date of establishment of the diagnosis, term and the place of hospitalization are specified in it. These data are entered as well in the Log-book of infectious diseases (the M3 form No. 60 of the USSR), to-ry is conducted in to lay down. - the prof. institutions. At change of the diagnosis of a disease to lay down. - establishment during 24 hours sends to the prof. to SES repeated E. and., in Krom the changed diagnosis, date of its establishment, the initial diagnosis and results of laboratory researches is specified.

The emergency notices are sent also in cases of stings, an otsarapaniye, oslyuneniye of the person house or wildings, to-rykh it is necessary to consider (before completion of inspection of an animal) as suspicious on a disease of rage, and in cases of identification of a carriage of causative agents of a typhoid, paratyphus, dysentery, malaria, toxicogenic strains of diphtheritic bacteria. At identification in the territory of the USSR diseases of plague, cholera, yellow fever along with E. and., sent to SES, directly the extraordinary report goes to M3 of the USSR.

V. P. Sergiyev.