EMDIN Pavel Iosifovich

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EMDIN Pavel Iosifovich (1883 — 1959) is the Soviet neuropathologist and the neurosurgeon, zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1941).

Ended medical f-t Kazan un-that (1909), worked in clinic of JI. O. Darkshevich. In 1914 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about changes of cross-striped muscles after section of a nerve. In 1920 — 1924 managed department of clinic in Rostov-on-Don, and since 1924 worked in Rostov medical where on its initiative the clinic of nervous diseases and neurosurgery which became afterwards the neurologic and neurosurgical center of the North Caucasus and the South of RSFSR was organized. Professor (1924).

P. I. Emdin and his pupils the first in the USSR began to apply widely methods pnevmoentsefalo-and ventrikulografiya. Under its management the method of a cisternal puncture was in details developed. One of the first in the USSR it described clinic and a histopathology of epidemic lethargic encephalitis of Ekonomo. Many works of P. I. Emdin are devoted to neurooncology, in particular questions of an atipicheska of the growing glia, multi-formnoy glioblastoma, a neurinoma of an acoustical nerve, gliomas of a back cranial pole, surgical and beam treatment of tumors of a brain.

In days of the Great Patriotic War P. I. Emdin developed the doctrine about phases of a current of a wound process in a brain and made a number of offers on surgical treatment of injuries of peripheral nerves. It described the syndrome caused by defeat of roots of spinal nerves at a tumor of a sacrum, a so-called syndrome of «a sacral fir-tree», the method of substitution of defects of a skull is offered.

It is awarded the order the Red Star and medals.

Works: Changes in a striated muscle of a skeleton after section of a nerve, Kazan, 1914; Three ideas, in book: Tumors of a brain and vopr. neyrokhir., under the editorship of, N. N. Korganova, page 13, Rostov N / D., 1936; The Main ideas in studying of tumors of a brain, in book: Vopr. neuropath, and psikhiat., under the editorship of M. G. Donskoy, page 201, Rostov N / D., 1937; Late stage of craniocereberal wounds (third and fourth phases), Neuropath. and psikhiat., t. 13, No. 4, page 6, 1944; The Resolved and unresolved questions of an open craniocereberal injury, Works of the 3rd Vsesoyuz. congress neuropath, and psikhiat., page 5, M., 1950.

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