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EMBDEN Gustav (Embden Gustav, 1874 — 1933) — the German biochemist.

In 1899 — 1903 worked in F. Hofmeister laboratory. Since 1904 managed clinical laboratory (since 1907. Physicochemical institute) in Frankfurt am Main. In 1907 it was chosen privat - the associate professor, in 1909 — extraordinary professor, and in 1914 — ordinary professor and the department chair of biological chemistry Frankfurt un-that.

G. Embden's works are devoted to researches in the field of an intermediate metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. He studied education milk to - you and a number of intermediate products at glycolysis, sugars from amino acids and trioses in a liver, a role of a liver in synthesis of amino acids from keto-, oxyacids and ammonium salts, sources of emergence of acetone bodies in an organism. G. Embden made a big contribution to chemistry of muscular contraction: are allocated to them hexosemonophosphoric and adenosinephosphoric (adenylic) to - you, the role milk to - you and phosphorus in the course of muscular contraction is established. In 1933 he offered the new scheme of anaerobic zymolysis of carbohydrates, according to a cut, the way to end products lies not through methyl glyoxal as considered earlier, and through three-carbon fosforilirovanny products — phosphotrioses, phosphoglyceric and pyroracemic to - you. The scheme offered by G. Embden was of great importance in development of modern ideas of ways of disintegration of carbohydrates at glycolysis (see) and fermentation (see).

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