EMANUEL Nicolai Markovic

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EMANUEL Nicolai Markovic

EMANUEL Nicolai Markovic (1915 — 1984) — the Soviet fiziko-chemist, the academician of AN (1966), the winner of the Lenin award (1958) and the State award USSR (1983), Hero of Socialist Work (1981). The member of the CPSU since 1948.

After the termination in 1938. Leningrad polytechnical in-that got to scientific work in Ying-those chemical physics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, about the Crimea all his life was connected.

In 1938 — 1941 the junior researcher, the graduate student. From June to November, 1941 was in field army on the Leningrad front. In 1942 — 1947 the scientific secretary, then in different years the deputy director, in 1960 — 1984 the manager. sector of kinetics of chemical and biological processes in-that. In 1949 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Research in the field of Intermediate Products of Gas Oxidizing Reactions»; professor (1950). From 1975 to the last days lives was the academician-secretary of Department of the general and technical chemistry of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the member of Presidium of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

N. M. Emanuel is an author apprx. 500 scientific works, including 12 monographs. Large achievements in the field of the theory of reactions of liquid-phase oxidation, stabilization of polymers, kinetics and mechanisms of a row important biol are connected with a name H. M. of Emanuel. processes, creation of essentially new medicines. On its initiative and iod the direct management developed basic researches of the biophysical mechanisms which are the cornerstone of action of extreme factors on a cell and an organism in development of a row patol. states. For these researches H. M. Emanuel is conferred the State award USSR. It possesses a priority in studying of antioxidants p their use in a bio logiya and medicine. In 1948 to N. M. Emanuel the award of Academy of Sciences of the USSR of A. N. Bach was awarded. A Lenin award it is conferred for works in the field of chemistry. N. M. Emanuel was a chairman (since 1971). National committee of the Soviet chemists, member of bureau of Executive committee of the International union of theoretical and applied chemistry (IYuPAK), honourable doctor of a number of foreign high fur boots, editor-in-chief of the Achievements of Chemistry magazine.

N. M. Emanuel was elected the member of MSC of the CPSU (1964 — 1968) and the deputy of the Moscow Council (1963 — 1971), he was the deputy chairman of the board of society The USSR — Norway.

«the sign of Honour» and medals, and also an award of the World and Friendship (VNR) is awarded by two Orders of Lenin, awards of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Intermediate products of composite gas reactions, M. — L., 1946; Braking of processes of oxidation of fats, M., 1961 (sovm. from Lyaskovskaya Yu. N.); Course of chemical kinetics, 1st prod., M., 1962, 4 prod., 1984 (sovm. with Knorre D. G.); Oxidation of cyclohexane, M., 1902 (sovm. with other); Chain reactions of oxidation of hydrocarbons in a liquid phase, M., 1965 (sovm. with other); Quantitative fundamentals of clinical oncology, M., 1970 (sovm. with Kvseenko L. S.); The Role of the environment in radical chain reactions of oxidation of organic compounds. M, 1973 (sovm. with other); Biophysics of cancer, Kiev, 1976 (sovm. with other); Kinetics of experimental tumoral processes, M., 1977; Nitrozoalkilmochevina — a new class of antineoplastic drugs, M., 1978 (sovm. with other); Chemical physics, aging and stabilization of polymers, M., 1982 (sovm. with Buchachenko A. L.).

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