ELPATYEVSKY Sergey Yakovlevich

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ELPATYEVSKY Sergey Yakovlevich (1854 — 1933) — the domestic doctor, the writer, the publicist. Upon termination of medical f-that Moscow un-that (1878) worked as the territorial doctor in the Ryazan province; in 1880 for participation in the National Will organization it was arrested and sent to Ufa where would serve at first in provincial territorial, and later was a factory doctor in Blagoveshchensk, continuing narodovolchesky promotion. In 1884 it was arrested and banished again to Eastern Siberia where lived in exile till 1887. Then worked as the city doctor in Nizhny Novgorod (nowadays Gorky). In 1897 — 1922 g lived in Yalta, was engaged in medical practice and participated in the organization of public aid to persons, TB patients. In 1922 moved to Moscow and till 1928 worked as the doctor in Lechsanupre Kreml.

Since 1881 S. Ya. Elpatyevsky published in newspapers, and later and in the Russian Wealth magazine, one of heads to-rogo was, in magazines «Russian Sheets», «Northern Bulletin» sketches a dignity. - a gigabyte. character, accusatory stories about life of oppressed segments of the population of imperial Russia.

It consisted the member of literary circle «Wednesday», was close familiar with the best representatives of Russian literature of that time (A. P. Chekhov, I. A. Bunin, A. M. Gorky, A. I. Kuprin, etc.), about many of which left memoirs. For anti-government protests, especially in 1905, and also for help given to sick revolutionaries was exposed to repressions from the Yalta police. After defeat of the Russian revolution of 1905 S. Ya. Elpatyevsky was one of ideologists of liquidationism and opposed Bolshevik Party. V. I. Lenin in the article «The Radical Bourgeois about the Russian Workers» characterizes it as radical bourgeois, or bourgeois democrat.

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