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ELIXIR (fr. elixir, from the Arab, al-ixir a philosophers' stone) — complex spirits or mixes of extracts, infusions, essential oils and nek-ry other dosage forms.

Externally E. are similar to tinctures and hl differ from them. obr. more dark coloring and more dense consistence. In the past E. were extensive group of galenovy drugs. In modern medical practice use only one official drug of industrial production — an elixir chest, or liquorice (Elixir pectorale), to-ry contains extract of licorice dense 20,7 g, oil anisic rectified 0,34 g, ammonia water concentrated 1,38 g, alcohol of ethyl 90% 20,41 ml and the water distilled to 100 ml. This E. apply as an expectorant, appointing the adult 20 — 40 drops, to children — on a stolka of drops how many years to the child, several times a day.

The term «elixir» is used sometimes for designation of nek-ry types of products of the perfumery and cosmetic industry, e.g. «Dentifrice water».

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