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ELIMINATIVE TESTS (Latin eliminare to take out for a threshold, to delete) — one of methods of etiological diagnosis of allergic diseases based on the termination of contact of the patient with estimated allergen and assessment of the changes of disease arising at the same time.

AA. items were known in an extreme antiquity. So, Ibn-Xing wrote about value of climate change at treatment of patients about a wedge. displays of bronchial asthma.

The Nek-ry patients having an allergic disease, knowing what allergen causes it, exclude contact with it and by that prevent its development. So, patients pollinosis (see) leave the place where live, for the period of blossoming of those species of plants, pollen to-rykh causes in them a disease; at food allergies (see) patients exclude from food the products which are on their observations, the reason of development of an allergy at them. When the patient cannot reveal the allergen which caused in it a disease, the allergologist reveals it by means of E. item and other diagnostic tests.

AA. the item is that the allergologist, consistently excepting this or that allergen, watches change of allergic reactivity at the patient. Especially widely apply E. the item for identification food, medicinal and nek-ry types of a household allergy. AA. the item at food allergy consists in appointment to the patient thawing naz. eliminative diet: consistently exclude those products from food, to-rye the patient and the allergologist assume as allergen. In nek-ry cases it leads to disappearance of symptoms of a disease that is the basis for establishment of its reason. E.g., at children of early age strong food-borne allergens are cow's milk and eggs. The exception of food quite often leads them to disappearance of symptoms of a disease. At a dust allergy E. the item comes down to clarification of the apartment from dust or to removal of the objects which are a source of dust (carpets, upholstered furniture, books, etc.); at a household allergy (to hair and dandruff of animals, water fleas) — to removal from the apartment of animals (cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, rabbits, birds), aquariums. AA. the item for patients of medicinal allergy (see) the termination of the use of medicine, a cut, according to the assumption of the patient or according to the doctor is, caused an allergy. Similar eliminative medicinal tests carry out with antibiotics, acetilsalicylic to - that, sulphamide drugs, etc. At a professional allergy E. the item comes down to temporary discharge from work.

See also Provocative tests .

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