ELIAVA Georgy Grigoryevich

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ELIAVA Georgy Grigoryevich

ELIAVA Georgy Grigoryevich (1892 — 1937) — the Soviet microbiologist.

Studied in Novorossiysk (nowadays Odessa) un-those, then in Geneva. In 1916 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. During World War I directed on the Transcaucasian front sanitary and hygienic laboratories in the beginning in Trebizond (nowadays Trabzon), and then in Tiflis.

In 1918 — 1921 and in 1925 — 1927 worked in Pasterovskom in-those in Paris. Since 1927 managed department of hygiene, and since 1929 — department of microbiology medical f-that Tiflissky (Tbilisi) university (nowadays Tbilisi medical institute).

Origin and development of research in the field of microbiology in Georgia is connected with a name of G. G. Eliava. On its initiative in 1923 it was organized Tiflissky bacteriological by in-t (nowadays Tbilisi scientific research institute of vaccines and M3 serums of the USSR). G. G. Eliava investigated a phenomenon of a bacteriophagia. Under its management receiving a bacteriophage in production scale was adjusted and its implementation in practice to lay down. institutions of the USSR. G. G. Eliava was one of initiators of creation in Tbilisi in 1936. All-Union in-that a bacteriophage (afterwards it is merged into the Tbilisi scientific research institute of vaccines and serums). He was the convinced supporter of the theory of wildlife of a bacteriophage. Together with d' Erell to them established existence in culture of a bacteriophage of a lysine not dependent on particles of a bacteriophage. G. G. Eliava one of the first beginnings to study value of a bacteriophage as the factor causing bacterial variability.

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