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EKZOFTALMOMETRIYa (an exophthalmos - f-Greek met reo to measure, measure) — the method of definition of degree of a vystoyaniye of an eyeglobe from an eye-socket based on combination of specular reflection of an eyeglobe and measuring scale of the special device — an ekzoftal-mometr.

The indication for E. serve patol. the processes in an eye-socket which are followed by protrusion or retraction of an eyeglobe (see the Exophthalmos, the Enophthalmos).

For E. use the ekzoftalmo-meter offered by E. Hertel in 1905. The device consists of a plate with the scale graduated in millimeters, edges prednaz-

by Fig. Definition of degree vystoyashsh eyeglobes by means of ekzoftalmo-meter at the patient with a bilateral exophthalmos.

a nachena for measurement of distance between the outer edges of eye-sockets. On a plate two metal rakhmka easily move; on each frame two mirrors and a small millimetric scale are strengthened at an angle 45 °.

The patient is seated opposite to the doctor and ask to fix a look on his nose bridge. The device is installed at the level of eyes of the patient so that legs emphasis of a framework were located on the outer edges of eye-sockets, and hold hands (fig). By mirrors and a measuring scale define distance from edge of an outside wall of an eye-socket to top of a cornea. Normal this distance makes 17 — 19 mm. Accuracy of a research depends on the correct position of the device, the patient and the researcher.

A. F. Brovkina.