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EKZENTERATION TAZA (Latin of exenterare to take interiors) — the extirpation of bodies of a small pelvis with surrounding cellulose, tissues of a crotch and regional lymph nodes applied preferential at defeat of bodies of a basin by a malignant new growth. For the first time the ek-zenteration of a basin was executed in full in 1948 by A. Brunschwig.


Depending on the volume of operation were distinguished total, front and back E. t. Indications to total E. t. cancer of a neck of uterus with transition to a body of the womb, an upper third of a vagina, a bladder, a rectum and a crotch was; cancer of a vulva with germination of a proctal ring; cancer of a vagina (to the lower third) with infiltration of a bladder and rectum. Operation consisted in an expanded hysterectomy (see) with appendages, resections of an upper third of a vagina, an extirpation of a bladder and a rectum with removal of cellulose of a small pelvis, regional limf, nodes to the general ileal artery and excision of the prelying tissues of a crotch. Lobby E. t. it was applied at spread of cancer of neck of uterus on a body of the womb, a vagina and a bladder, without germination of walls of a rectum. Operative measure similarly total E. t., but did not include an extirpation of a rectum. Back E. t. carried out in the absence of defeat by a tumor of a bladder when cancer of a neck of uterus extends only to a vagina, a crotch and a wall of a rectum. Unlike the total ekzente-radio set of a basin at back E. t. did not make an extirpation of a bladder. Development of oncology (see) and improvement of radiation therapy (see) promoted sharp restriction of indications to this operation. Now the Soviet oncologists do not apply an ekzenteration of a basin.

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