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EKTOMIYA (Greek ektome excision, removal) — surgery — full removal of body, anatomically its independent part or pathological education. The term «ektomiya» is used by hl. obr. as a terminoelement in combination with the name corresponding anatomic or patol. educations, e.g. appendectomy (see), a necretomy (see).

The term (terminoelement) «ektomiya» in value of removal of body designates the same as an extirpation (see). So, along with the term «gastrectomy» use in the same value the term «extirpation of a stomach», synonyms of terms a hysterectomy (see the Hysterectomy) and a proctectomy (see) the terms «hysterectomy» and «extirpation of a rectum» are respectively. Ektomiya in value of removal of a part of body is a synonym of the term a resection (see), but at the same time an ektomiya designate only removal anatomically of an independent part of body: e.g., a lobectomy (see), a segmentectomy (see), antrectomy (but a resection 2/3 stomachs). The term «ektomiya» designate also removal nek-ry patol. educations, e.g. a necretomy (see), a thrombectomy (see).

Indications to E. heavy damages of bodies and fabrics, malformations and various patol serve. the processes which are not giving in to conservative treatment are more often malignant tumors.

Technology of operation depends on character patol. process. The main stages of operation of full removal of body same, as at an extirpation.

S. V. Lokhvitsky.