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EKSKOKHLEATION (excochleatio; lat. ekh - from + cochlear a spoon; synonym taking out) — operational reception of removal by a stupid spoon of semi-fluid or curdled contents of a pathological cavity. Unlike scraping (see) at E. do not carry out machining of walls of a cavity.

In modern surgical practice E. apply at necretomies (see), napr, at bone and joint tuberculosis (see. Tuberculosis extra pulmonary ). As the main operational reception E. use when radical operation is contraindicated to the patient. In these cases are limited only to removal it is purulent - necrotic masses, napr, the centers of nekrotizirovanny fabrics at a pancreatonecrosis in a phase of fusion and sequestration (see. Pancreatitis ), oporozhneiiy the suppurated echinococcal cysts (see. Echinococcosis ) and cavities of disintegration at an alveococcosis of a liver (see. Alveococcosis ), the suppurated atheromas (see. Epidermoid cyst ) and dermoid cysts (see. Dermoid ).

S. V. Lokhvitsky.