EKK Nikolay Vladimirovich

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EKK Nikolay Vladimirovich (1849 — 1908) is a domestic surgeon and the physiologist.

In 1871 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy.

In 1871 — 1877 worked in therapeutic clinic of academy under the leadership of the father — V. E. Ekka, being at the same time improved in the field of gynecology and surgery. During the Russian-Turkish war (1877 — 1878) was a surgeon of field hospital. In 1888 protected dokt. the thesis on the subject «Experience of Processing of Statistical Data on Mortality in Russia», professor (1890).

N. V. Ekk's works were devoted to questions of surgery of abdominal organs, operational gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, physiology, a pathophysiology. He removed with the first in Russia in the abdominal way the uterus (1874) affected with a tumor, a spleen at the patient with a leukosis (1877), made the Russia's first successful resection of a stomach (1882), and also offered the flow diagram of a resection of a stomach with the subsequent gastroenterostomy, edges was used in practice three years after T. Beale-rotom (see Billroth operation). N. V. Ekk possesses a priority (1877) in development in an experiment of a porto-caval anastomosis (Ekk's fistula). In the subsequent ambassador of improvement of the technology of operation by I. P. Pavlov (1893) the method of incomplete switching off of function of a liver became the classical method in physiology which did not lose the value and in a crust, time (see. Porto-caval anastomosis; Liver, physiology). (1884) original method of an uranorrhaphy at inborn crevices of the sky are also offered them.

N. V. Ekk is known as the public figure of domestic health care dealing with issues of hygiene and sanitation, fight with inf. diseases. In 1880 it represented Russia in the International sanitary council, and in 1885 was a participant and the speaker at the International sanitary conference in Rome (see Health care, Conventions international medical). Works: About polyps of a throat, SPb., 1872; To a question of bandaging of a portal vein, Voyen. - medical zhurn., p. 130, kN. And, section 2, page 1, 1877; About the international sanitary conference in Rome, SPb., 1885; About a new way of an uranorrhaphy, Protocols and the works Russian hir. about-va of Pirogov in 1884 — 1885, page 15, SPb., 1885; Experience of processing of statistical data on mortality in Russia, yew., SPb., 1888.

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