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EKHARDT Shandor (Eckhardt Sandor, sort. in 1927.) — Hungarian oncologist, professor (1977), academician of AN of the Hungarian people's republic (1985), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1978). In 1951 ended medical f-t of university of I. Zemmelveys in Budapest. Specialized on oncology in Great Britain, the USA and France.

Since 1971 the director Ying-that oncology in Budapest and along with 1977 professor of clinical oncology Budapest medical in-that.

Sh. Ekhardt is an author apprx. 120 scientific works, W. h 5 monographs devoted to various questions of oncology. Formation of oncological service and teaching oncology in Hungary is connected with a name of Sh. Ekhardt. He developed the scientific principles of testing of new antineoplastic drugs, established high performance of a miyelobromol at a chronic myeloid leukosis. On its initiative and with direct participation in Hungary the system of precautionary surveys of the population was organized as one of measures of prevention of oncological it is got sick. Sh. Ekhardt developed system and the program of teaching oncology in Hungary and created school of the Hungarian oncologists.

Sh. Ekhardt is the member of council of the authorized countries entering SEV on a complex problem «Malignant new growths», problem coordinator of cooperation of member countries of SEV «Medicinal therapy of tumors», the member of executive committee of the International anticarcinogenic union, several foreign and international scientific about-in, and also the editor of «The bulletin of information on medicinal therapy of tumors» (VNR) and the member of editorial boards of a number of the Hungarian and foreign periodicals.

Works: Clinical trial of a new nitrogen-mustard compound, Lancet, v. 270, p. 785; Chemotherapy of neoplastic diseases, Budapest, 1970 (Russian lane, 1975); Drug therapy of cancer, Geneva, 1973 (sovm. with other); Modem cancer therapy concepts, Advanc. in med. Oncol., Res. Educ., v. 5, p. 3, 1979; Oncology, M., 1981 (bus of a number of hl. and edition sovm. with Trapeznikovy N. N.); Modem daganatterapia, Budapest, 1982.

A. B. Syrkin.