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EJACULATION (Latin ejaculatio ejection, eruption; a synonym an ejaculation) — ejection of sperm (ejaculate) from an urethra.

AA. occurs during sexual intercourse, but can come also out of it, napr, at masturbation (see the Onanism) or emissions (see). The ejaculation, as a rule, develops against the background of an erection (see) and is followed by feeling of the maximum sexual pleasure — an orgasm (see).

It is necessary to distinguish a spermatorrhea from an ejaculation (see) — the slow, gradual release of sperm, characteristic of nek-ry diseases, (see) from an urethra in the absence of an erection and an orgasm arising at a muscle tension of a prelum abdominale (at cough, a natu-zhivaniye, etc.).

AA. represents generally reflex act. It results from summation of the nervous impulses coming from receptors of a balanus at its tactile stimulation through sexual and dorsal nerves of a penis to the spinal center of an ejaculation (ThXII segments — LIV). On excitability of the center E. also impulses from the highest departments of c influence. the N of page resulting from a hyperphrenia, and being in blood sex hormones. Excitement from the center E. extends to executive bodies on sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves.

Distinguish two phases E. — phase of removal and phase of ejection. Prior to the beginning of the first phase as a result of peristaltic reductions of epididymes the secret collects in deferent ducts. In the first phase E., further removal of a secret under the influence of the impulses arriving from a spinal cord on connecting branches to nodes of a sympathetic trunk, hypogastric nerves through the lower mesenteric node in a hypogastric texture happens the managed sympathetic part of century of N of page. At the beginning a weld wignonette of a phase E. the secret of testicles due to reduction of the deferent ducts possessing quite strong muscles comes to a prostatic part of an urethra. Here it mixes up with secrets of a prostate, seed bubbles and glands of an urethra, forming thus sperm, edges is an irritant of sympathetic and parasympathetic receptors. Under the influence of this irritation the second phase E begins. — tolchkoobrazny ejection of sperm. In this phase of reduction of smooth muscles of internal generative organs are followed by the strong sokratitelny movements of cross-striped muscles of a crotch extending from lukovichnogubchaty and sciatic and cavernous muscles to all muscles of an urinogenital diaphragm. Such massive muscular influence provides intensive ejection of an ejaculate. In the second phase E. there comes the orgasm, to-ry on time matches strong reductions of cross-striped muscles.

Time of approach E. at sexual intercourse fluctuates in very wide limits that depends on many factors (physical and psychological states, age, intensity of sex life, temperament, various external influences).

Disturbances E. are one of the most frequent sexual frustration at men. They can have quantitative character (acceleration or a delay of approach E.) or qualitative (absence E., inadequate E., arising out of sexual intercourse). Frustration E. can be caused by disturbance of the highest levels of nervous control of sexual function (including a psychogenic origin), defeat of the spinal center E., disturbance of a sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation, urological diseases. Treatment of frustration E. it is directed to recovery of the broken functions of appropriate authorities and systems.

In detail classification, a wedge, manifestations, treatment of frustration of an ejaculation — see Impotence.

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