EGOROV Boris Borisovich

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EGOROV Boris Borisovich (sort. in 1937) — the Soviet doctor-physiologist, the candidate of medical sciences (1967), the doctor of medicine Berlin un-that of Humboldt (1965), the space pilot of the USSR, the Hero of the Soviet Union (1964).

EGOROV Boris Borisovich

After the termination in 1961 of the 1st MMI worked in research medical institutions. Since 1964 in group of astronauts. On October 12 — 13, 1964 B. B. Egorov together with V. M. Komarov and K. P. Feoktistov made flight in space by the first many-placed Rising ship satellite.

B. B. Egorov is an author more than 50 scientific works on questions of space medicine. Its edging. the thesis is devoted to a problem of influence of zero gravity on a vestibular analyzer («Some features of afferent bonds of neurons of vestibular nuclei»).

The experiment of t on the Space-110 artificial Earth satellite which results are generalized by it in a series of reports at conferences in the USSR and abroad participated in medical ensuring the first Soviet space flights, and also in development of the program biol.

B. B. Egorov — one of participants of development of the system of operating medical control behind the state of health of astronauts, requirements to the onboard medical equipment, and also programs of medical researches in space flight. He is elected the member correspondent. International academy of astronautics (1972), deputy chairman of committee of bioastronautics of the International astronautical federation (1970).

Yu. M. Volynkin.