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EFORIYa (Eforia) — seaside climatic and balneogryazevy the resort in Romania. It is located on the bank of the Black Sea in 13 km to the South of of Konstantsa. Climate Mediterranean: the summer is dry, long, very warm (average temperature of July 23 °), winter soft (average temperature of January 2 °). Number of hours of sunshine in a year apprx. 2200, rainfall in a year apprx. 400 mm. The season of sea bathings proceeds from the middle of June to the middle of September (temperature of sea water in June 18 °, in August 21 °, in September 16,5 °).

The main to lay down. factors: climate, and also silt mud and a brine of the lake of Te-kirgel located in 3 km from the resort. The applied methods of treatment: an aerogeliotherapy (see the Air-cure, Heliation), thalassotherapy (see), mud cure (see)’ and a balneoterapiya (see). In the resort water mud baths, resort policlinic, sanatoria for adults and children, rest houses, boarding houses, hotels, sports constructions function.

Indications to treatment in the resort: diseases of a musculoskeletal system, effect of diseases and injuries of c. N of page (including effects of poliomyelitis), diseases of skin, upper respiratory tracts, female generative organs. century of century Poltoranov.