EFENDIYEV Sultan Medzhid

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EFENDYEV of Sultan the Medical kike (1887 — 1938) — the Soviet state and party figure, the doctor. The member of the CPSU with 1904

S. M. Efendiyev — one of organizers and heads of the social democratic Gummet group, the participant of revolution of 1905 — 1907.

In 1907 it was arrested and sent to Kazan where in 1909 arrived on medical f-t Kazan un-that. Upon termination of in 1915 un-that worked as the doctor of the medical observation post in the settlement Wa-silsursk of the Nizhny Novgorod province. In 1917 after the February bourgeois-democratic revolution he was returned to Baku and was elected the member of the Baku Council of working and soldier's deputies and the Baku committee of RSDRP (b). Was a delegate of the VI congress of RSDRP(b). Worked as the doctor of a city clinic.

In 1917 — 1919 he took active part in fight for the Soviet power in Azerbaijan, in suppression of counter-revolutionary rebellions, and also in defense of Astrakhan. Since 1919 worked in Moscow as the commissioner for Muslims of Transcaucasia at the National commissariat for nationalities and the deputy chairman of the Central bureau of the communistic organizations of the people of the East at the Central Committee of RCP(b). From February to May, 1920 was on the Crimean front as the political worker and the chairman of the Extraordinary commission on fight against a sapropyra.

After establishment of the Soviet power in Azerbaijan S. M. Efendiyev in May, 1920 returned to Baku. Since June, 1920 worked as the extraordinary commissioner, and then the chairman of the Ganja revkom. In 1921 it is appointed the people's commissar of agriculture of the republic. From 1924 to 1927 headed TsKK KP (b) of Azerbaijan, since 1927 was the deputy, and since 1931 the chairman of the Azerbaijani CEC.

S. M. Efendiyev was repeatedly elected the member of KP(b) Central Committee bureau of Azerbaijan, the member of the Azerbaijani CEC, the Transcaucasian CEC and the Central Election Commission of the USSR. At XIII and XIV congresses it was elected the member of TsKK All-Union Communist Party (bolsheviks). The name of S. M. Efen-diyev is appropriated to the 2nd policlinic of Baku and the Shemakhansky municipal hospital.

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