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EDELMAN Gerald (Edelman Gerald Maurice, sort. in 1929) — the American immunologist and the biochemist. member of National academy of Sciences of the USA, New York academy of Sciences, Nobel Prize laureate (1972).

After the termination in 1954 medical f-that Pennsylvanian un-that worked as the doctor in the Central Massachusetts hospital. From 1955 to 1957 served in armed forces of the USA. Since 1957 the head of laboratory, since 1966 professor of biochemistry un-that works in Rock Feller un-those, since 1960.

J. Edelman is the author of the St. 300 scientific works devoted to studying of a chemical structure of gamma-globulins of a blood plasma of animals and it is normal of the person also at nek-ry morbid conditions. It one of the first applied a technique of genetic marking of imkhmunoglobulin and described primary and tertiary structures of a molecule of gamma-globulins (see Immunoglobulins). Joint theoretically proved by R. Porter and proved a peptide structure of antibodies. Applied new methods of fractionation of antibodies and cells, developed hmetod fluorescent spectroscopy of proteins. A Nobel Prize J. Edelman together with R. Porter is awarded for studying of a chemical structure of immunoglobulins.

J. Edelman is the honourable doctor of a number of high fur boots of the USA, and also the member of several American and foreign scientific about - century

of Works: Structural differences among antibodies of different specificities, Proc. nat. Acad. Sci. (Wash.), v. 47, p. 1751, 1961 (sovm. with other); The covalent structure of a human gamma G-immunoglobulin, Biochemistry, v. 9, p. 3197, 1970; A genetic marker in the variable region of light chains of mouse immunoglobulins, Proc. nat. Acad. Sci. (Wash.), v. 67, p. 1192, 1970 (sovm. with Gottlieb P. D.); Some new views of the cell surface, J. Biochem. (Tokyo), v. 79, p. IP, 1976.

Bibliography: Les Prix Nobel en 1972, p. 144, Stockholm, 1972; Who’s who in America, p. 929, Chicago, 1978.

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