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EKMOLYN (Ecmolinum) — the low-molecular protein (triprotamin) possessing antibacterial action of in vitro on hemolitic streptococci, staphylococcus, the causative agent of diphtheria and other bacteria.

It is allocated from milts of sturgeon fishes 3. V. Ermolyeva and L. K. Valedin-ska in 1951. In the medical practician E. it was applied in the form of 0,25% and 0,5% of water solutions of a triprotamin of sulfate of hl. obr. for prolongation of effect of penicillin. Earlier drug ekmonovotsillin — mix of novocainic salt of penicillin and ecmolin was produced.

In 1981 E. it is excluded from State. the register of the pharmaceuticals allowed for use in the USSR. Bibliography: Ermolyeva 3. V. No

vy drug ecmolin, Medical prom-st, No. 3, with., 44, 1951.