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EBERNYOTI John (Abernethy John, 1764 — 1831) is the English surgeon, the anatomist and the physiologist.

At the age of 15 years he began to study practical surgery in St Bartholomew's hospital in London; went in for anatomy, listened to P. Pott's lectures. Since 1787 taught anatomy, physiology and surgery, in 1814 was entitled professor of Royal board of surgeons. In 1829 retired.

J. Eberneti made the significant contribution to development of practical surgery and training of surgeons. In 1828 he published in two volumes «Lectures on Anatomy, Surgery and Pathology, including Observations of the Nature and Treatment of Local Diseases in St Bartholomew's Hospital». This work was a result of its practical and pedagogical activities. J. Eberneti paid much attention to development of methods of bandaging of large arteries. He suggested to apply crossing of an artery between two ligatures. In 1796 J. Eberneti developed a method of bandaging of an outside ileal artery at aneurism of a femoral artery (Eberneti's operation). It described one of types of a liposarcoma (Eberneti's tumor).

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