EAGLES Sergey Sergeyevich

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EAGLES Sergey Sergeyevich (1864 — 1927) — the Soviet hygienist.

EAGLES Sergey Sergeyevich

In 1888 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. In 1905 defended the dissertation on a subject about subsoil waters of Moscow and the Moscow cemeteries. In 1905 — 1910 repeatedly left in scientific business trips to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, in particular in Zurich worked in laboratory fiziol, chemistry, carried out a dignity. researches together with F. F. Erisman. From 1909 to 1016 the manager. The Moscow city sanitary station where worked in total 25 years; one-in re me but (1910 — 1924) prof. of department of hygiene Moscow un-that; since 1924 the consultant and the deputy director Sanitary and hygienic in-that Narkomzdrava of RSFSR (nowadays scientific research institute of hygiene of F. F. Erisman). Narkomzdrava of RSFSR took active part in work of academic medical council.

By S. S. Orlov it is published St. 30 scientific works, hl. obr. concerning a technique a dignity. - a gigabyte. researches of foodstuff and influence of the sewerage on processes of self-cleaning of the city soil and subsoil water.

Works: Research of cow oil, salad oil, vodka and fruit liqueurs, tea, M., 1894; The Research of candies and their subpaint using the method developed in 1900 by J. Formanek'oM (a spectroscope of Kriiss'a), M., 1904; Subsoil water of Moscow and its cemeteries, yew., M., 1906; About chemical composition and physical properties of sodium chloride of modern development from various fields of the USSR, Food prom-st, No. 7-8, page 248, 1926 (sovm, with Budagyan F. E.).

Bibliography: X r at with t and l of e in And. and B at d and I am a N F. Prof. S. S. Orlov, Gigabyte. and epid., No. 8, page 134, 1927.

B. D. Petrov.