EAGLES Konstantin Hrisanfovich

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EAGLES Konstantin Hrisanfovich (1875 — 1952) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, professor (1912), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1928).

EAGLES Konstantin Hrisanfovich

After the termination in 1898 medical f-that Kazan un-that worked in eye clinic under the leadership of E. V. Adamyuk. Since 1905 took part in underground revolutionary circles of Kazan, in 1907 it was arrested by imperial police. After release from prison moved to Pyatigorsk. In 1903 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about changes of an eye at hron, poisoning with an ergot and its drugs. Since 1912 the department chair of eye diseases Warsaw un-that; after evacuation un-that in 1915 to Rostov-on-Don organized department of eye diseases and eye clinic here, in a cut worked until the end of life (this clinic bears his name).

To. X. Orlov published St. 60 scientific works on various problems of ophthalmology, hl. obr. on questions patol, anatomy of an eye, on trachoma. Modifications of surgical interventions at diseases of slezovyvodyashchy ways, a trachoma pannus are offered them, at amotio of a retina. Together with In. Odintsov published the first domestic guide to eye surgery.

To. X. Orlov was the permanent head of Donskoy created in 1922 on its initiative (nowadays Rostov) ophthalmologic about-va, the initiator of four congresses of ophthalmologists of the North Caucasus. Created a wedge, school. He was a delegate of the Extraordinary VIII All-Union congress of Councils and the member of the commission on editing the text of the Constitution of the USSR.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

Works: To the doctrine about changes of an eye at chronic poisoning with an ergot and its drugs, a yew., Kazan, 1903; To a pathogeny of tumors of an eye-socket, Russian oftalm, zhurn., t. 2, appendix, page 3, 1923; Me-litococcia and eye, in the same place, t. 8, No. 6, page 657, 1928; Mould fungi as activators of a keratitis, in the same place, No. 2, page 182; Guide to an eye hir., under the editorship of V. P. Odintsov and To. X. Orlov, Operation on a crystalline lens, t. 2, page 795, M. — L., 1934; To a question of dystrophic diseases of a cornea, Vestn, oftalm., t. 15, No. 1, page 3, 1939; To pathology and therapy of a vein thrombosis of an eye-socket and venous sine of a skull, in the same place, No. 3-4, page 140; To oncology of an eye, Saturday. to the fiftieth anniversary nauch., ped., doctor, and societies, deya-teln. Konstantin Hrisanfovich Orlov, page 22, Gorky, 1949.

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