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Drago's IKICH (Ikic Drago, sort. in 1917) — the Yugoslavian immunologist, the academician of the Yugoslavian academy of Sciences and arts (1972), the foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1975), the member of the New York academy of Sciences (1964) and British Royal medical society (1961).

Drago's IKICh

Member of the Union of communists of Yugoslavia (1944).

In 1942 ended medical f-t Zagreb un-that. Since 1943 was involved in people's liberation war. In 1946 — 1947 specialized on bacteriology and hygiene in France and Switzerland. In 1947 — 1950 the Assistant Secretary of health care of the Socialist Republic of Croatia. Since 1956 the director Ying-that immunology in Zagreb.

D. Ikich published apprx. 200 scientific works devoted to the general questions of immunology, prevention of bacterial and viral diseases of the person, and also use of diploid cells of the person for preparation of virus vaccines. In 1956 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Interference on the Level of Immunity of Separate Antigens in the Combined Vaccines». Its works «The virus vaccines prepared on culture of human diploid cells» and «Ten years of field and bench tests of a vaccine against a typhoid» use the greatest popularity.

He was elected the deputy of National Assembly of SFRYu (1963), is awarded the order by «For Merits before the People», «Award of Work», «An award of Work with a red flag» and medals.

Works: Field and laboratory studies with typhoid vaccines, Bull. Wld Hlth Org., v. 16, p. 897, 1957.

V. I. Didenko.