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DZHIRONCOLI Franco (de Gironcoli Franco, sort. in 1892) — the Italian surgeon and the urologist, professor (1947).


Having ended in 1917 medical f-t Vienna un-that, worked as the assistant in hospital (Venice), and then to the Urals, and surgical clinics Vienna un-that. Since 1928 the associate professor the Urals, clinics Paduan un-that, and then the chief surgeon of hospital in Trevizo. From 1947 to 1970 the manager. Urals, clinic Florentine un-that.

F. de Dgironcoli published apprx. 420 scientific works, including 6 monographs devoted to questions of surgery of a stomach, tuberculosis of intestines, a total cystectomy at cancer of a bladder, early diagnosis of a nephrophthisis, anomalies of nights, treatments of a hypospadias, injuries of uric ways and to gerontological problems in urology.

In 1934 founded the Urologia magazine, is his editor-in-chief; this magazine became official body of Italian about-va urologists. In 1961 founded the bibliographic and abstract magazine «Index Urologicus Europeus». Also works of the Soviet urologists are published in these magazines. In development of urology the international discussions organized by F. de Dgironcoli on pages of the Urologia magazine on the most urgent problems of modern urology (a problem of an early adenomectomy of a prostate, a cystectomy were of great importance at cancer of a bladder, Peyroni's disease, correction of a floor at a hermaphroditism, ratios of urology and nephrology, etc.).

F. de Dgironcoli — actions, the member International about-va urologists, the honorary member of many foreign scientific the Urals, about-in; a row of years was the president of Italian about-va urologists; active participant of the international congresses and congresses of urologists.

Works: Contributo alia chirurgia del rene e dell’uretere, Venezia, 1926; Le idronefrosi, Venezia, 1929; Traumatologia ed infortunni-stica delle vie urinarie (Vescica e uretra), Napoli, 1939; La terapia del carcinoma della prostata, Urologia (Treviso), v. 22, p. 326, 1955; Cistectomia o no per cancro vescicale? Treviso-Canova, 1956; Die Prostatektomie bei Herz-und Gefasskranken, Z. Alterns forsch., Bd 11, S. 1, 1957; Prostatectomia precoce? Canova — Treviso, 1958; Essential renal hematuria, 11 congr. soc. int. urol., v. 2, p. 281, Uppsala, 1960; Entleerungssto-rungen der Harnohre, Handb, d. Urol., Bd 8, B. u. a., 1962; Come comportarsi nel caso di un’erronea denuncia alio stato civile di un «intersesso»? Treviso, 1964 (sovm. with Sorrentino M.); Patologia propria dei calici renali, Firenze, 1967 (sovm, with Costantini A.).

Bibliography: Scrufari V. I 50 anni di laurea di Franco de Gironcoli, Biografia, Urologia (Treviso), v. 34, p. 505, 1967, bibliogr.; it, Onorare i maestri, Franco de Gironcoli, ibid., v. 39, p. 1, 1972.

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