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DZHERMUK — the balneological and climatic mountain resort in a southeast part of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic. It is located in 175 km from Yerevan, at the height of 2100 above sea-level in upper courses of the Arpa River (inflow of Araks) on the plateau surrounded with woody mountains and the Alpine meadows; the Arpa River cuts the plateau, forming picturesque gorges. Data on mineral sources of D. occur at the historian of 13 century S. Orbelyan, in 1830 sources were investigated by G. Voskoboynikov; in more detail they were studied in 1925. The resort functions since 1935. Climate — mountainous, winter moderately cold, multisnow (in January average monthly t ° — 8,1 °). Summer moderately warm (in August average monthly t ° 15,6 °). Osadkov drops out 802 mm, relative humidity of 45 — 68%, atmospheric pressure on average of 524 mm of mercury.

One of bathing buildings of the resort of Dzhermuk.

To lay down. D.'s factors — thermal (t ° 54 — 64 °) mineral waters and mountain climate. Hot water streams from the wells which are in the gorge and on the plateau; there are also natural exits of waters (more than 30). On chemical composition of water belong to carbonic gidrokarbonatno-sulfate sodium, they contain quite large number silicon to - you are the 112th mg/l, microelements — iodine, bromine, copper, zinc, etc. They are close to waters of Karlovy Vary, Istis and Zheleznovodsk. Formula of chemical composition of water of one of sources (hard currency. No. 9):

Methods of treatment — bathtubs, drink of mineral water, a gastric lavage, a duodenum, intestines, vulval irrigations, inhalations.

In the resort 4 sanatoria for adults with diseases of the digestive system, a musculoskeletal system and a metabolism function; children's sanatorium for patients with the residual phenomena of poliomyelitis, two bathing buildings, policlinics equipped with diagnostic offices; drinking gallery; out-patient treatment is organized. In the territory of the resort the branch of scientific research institute of balneology and physical therapy of M3 of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic is located. There is a plant of pouring of the 50 million bottles mineral water in a year.

Indications: hron, diseases went. - kish. path, liver, biliary tract and pancreas; disbolism — obesity, a diabetes mellitus of easy and average degree, urate diathesis; diseases of a peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal device and female genital.

Contraindications. Considering need of adaptation to conditions of mountain climate, it is inexpedient to send to D. patients with associated diseases of cardiovascular system.

In more detail indications and contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection, table .

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G. I. Agadzhanyan.