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DYUSSER DE BARENN Johannes (Dusser de Barenne Johannes Gregorius, 1885 — 1940) — Dutch neypsikhiatr.


Ended un-t in Amsterdam in 1909. From 1911 to 1914 the psychiatrist-tsy of Meerenberg. From 1918 to 1930 the privatdozent of pharmacology and physiology un-that in Utrecht; since 1930 directed laboratory of neurophysiology in New Haven. The main researches of I. Dyusser de Barenn are devoted to studying of a sympathetic innervation of skeletal muscles, functions of a cerebral cortex and thalamus. He developed a method of a strikhninny neyronografiya, with the help to-rogo studied localization of the touch centers in a cerebral cortex of monkeys and established that touch sites, the respective areas of the person, hands, legs, are located in posterolateral kernels of a thalamus; offered layer-by-layer coagulation of a cerebral cortex for the analysis of functions of its separate layers, applied elektrofiziol, the equipment for studying of interaction of cortical areas and functional linkages of bark and subcrustal educations.

Works: Die Strychninwirkung auf das Zen-tralnervensystem, Folia neuro-biol. (Lpz.), Bd 6, S. 277, 1912, Bd 7, S. 549, 1913; The mode and site of action of strychnine in the nervous system, Physiol. Rev., v. 13, p.325, 1933; The labyrinthine and postural mechanisms, Handb, gen. exp. psychol., ed. by C. Murchison, Worcester, 1934; Functional localization in a cerebral cortex, the lane with English, M. — L., 1937 (sovm, with Fultony D. F.); Sensory functions of the optic thalamus of the monkey (Macacus Rhesus), Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. (Chicago), v. 38, p. 913, 1937.

Bibliography: J. G. Dusser de Barenne, 1885 — 1940, J. Neurophysiol., v. 3, p. 283, 1940, bibliogr.

E. L. Golubeva.