DYHNO Alexander Mikhaylovich

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DYHNO Alexander Mikhaylovich (1909 — 1957) — the Soviet surgeon, the doctor of medical sciences (1937), professor (1938). Member of the CPSU.

DYHNO Alexander Mikhaylovich

Ended in 1931 medical f-t Kazan un-that. Since 1933 the assistant to department of faculty surgery Rostov medical in-that, to-ruyu headed N. I. Napalkov. Since 1938 the department chair of hospital surgery Khabarovsk medical in-that, and since 1944 the director of it in-that. In days of the Great Patriotic War was the chief surgeon evakogospitaly Khabarovsk Krai. Since 1951 the department chair of hospital surgery Krasnoyarsk medical in-that.

A. M. Dykhno published apprx. 100 scientific works, including 7 monographs on the surgical equipment and a plastic surgery. He offered operation of change of an ureter in a gut, a way of operation at a prolapse of the rectum, modification of operation of a resection of a stomach at a peptic ulcer, new types of operative measures at a pulmonary tuberculosis, including a method of a thoracoplasty with formation of a muscular bandage for a collapse of lower share cavities, modification of methods of fixing of a top of a lung to a backbone at a thoracoplasty and fixing of a backbone an edge on the feeding leg. It described a symptom of «a butt of the gun» at an alate shovel and the method of its fixing to edges is offered. It one of the first in our country began to apply plastic in surgeries, and also operation of an omentocardiopexy.

A. M. Dykhno is awarded by awards of the Red Star, «the Sign of Honour», and also medals.

Works: Experimental data to the doctrine about fractures of a neck of a hip, a yew., Rostov N / D., 1937; Notes on a plastic surgery, century 1 — 2, Khabarovsk, 1942 — 1944; To 'the equipment of a resection of a stomach at a peptic ulcer, Khabarovsk, 1946; Carcinoma of the stomach, Krasnoyarsk, 1955; The Acute surgical management at some acute diseases of abdominal organs, Surgery, No. 12, page 39, 1956; Surgical treatment of tumors and cysts of a mediastinum, in the same place, No. 7, page 44, 1957.

Bibliography: Alexander Mikhaylovich Dykhno, Zdravookhr. Grew. Federations, No. 9, page 38, 1957.

Yu. M. Lubensky.