DYADKOVSKY Iustin Evdokimovich

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DYADKOVSKY Iustin Evdokimovich (1784 — 1841) — the domestic doctor and the philosopher materialist.

DYaDKOVSKIY Iustin Evdokimovich

Graduated from the Ryazan theological seminary and in 1812. Moscow medicochirurgical academy. In August, 1812 entered a militia and worked in hospital. In 1813 it was returned in academy for preparation for professorate. After protection of the doctoral dissertation it is appointed the associate professor, and since 1824 — professor of pathology and therapy of academy. In 1830 — 1831 the member of the commission on fight against epidemic of cholera. Since 1831 professor of therapy in Moscow un-those. For materialistic views in 1836 it was discharged of pedagogical activity.

I. E. Dyadkovsky, fighting against metaphysics and idealism, considered that existing quite cognizable material beginning is the cornerstone of everything, connected consciousness and a thought with function of c. N of page. As a result of experiments on animals came to a conclusion that the center of all major functions of an organism is the brain.

As the clinical physician it was one of founders and initiators of the functional direction in the Russian medical science. In a basis to lay down. methods, on I. E. Dyadkovsky's views, the aspiration to recover normal relationship between an organism and the environment shall lie. Original classification of diseases was offered them, the system of fight against cholera, edges formed the basis protivoepid. the events held in Russia in the 30th 19 century and also the idea of a bacteriocarrier and spread of infectious diseases by healthy people is for the first time introduced.

Among I. E. Dyadkovsky's pupils there were therapists K. V. Lebedev and T. V. Kudryavtsev, the physiologist I. T. Glebov, the biologist K. F. Rulye, etc.

Works: De modo, quo agunt medicamenta in corpus humanum, diss., M., 1816; Treatise o of a general and infectious disease to cholera, SPb., 1831; General therapy, M., 1836; Compositions, Questions of the general pathology, M., 1954; Chosen compositions, M., 1958.

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A. G. Lushnikov.