DUKE Fedor Ivanovich

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DUKE Fedor Ivanovich (1785 — 1853) — the Russian psychiatrist, the doctor of medicine and surgery.

In 1818 in Moscow organized and headed (till 1825) Russia's first private psychiatric clinic. Then moved to St. Petersburg where until the end of life directed an insane hospital «All grieving». It published articles with the analysis of reports on activity of hospital in 1833 — 1835, 1840 — 1845. These articles drew attention of the medical public and wide circles of Russian intelligentsia. Views of the Russian psychiatrists of an origin, a current and treatment of mental disorders, and also of the organization of work of insane hospitals found reflection in them.

F. I. Gertsog proved front lines on that time materialistic views of an etiology and a pathogeny of mental diseases. Noting a possibility of hereditary transfer, but apart from its fatal, he pointed to their communication with somatopathies, having shaken the opinion on incurability of mental disorders existing then. He was one of the first researchers of questions of judicial psychiatry.

Its work «Research about Mentally Ill People» (1846) devoted to questions of clinic of mental diseases, patol of anatomy of psychoses, the organizations of mental health services and to the legislation on mentally sick, was published in «Domestic notes», and then published by the separate brochure. The big place in this work was given to questions of responsibility mentally sick for the offenses made by them, a role, the place and tasks of the psychiatrist involved as an expert at investigation of these situations.

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