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DRYING OVENS — devices for drying of various objects. Cases, in to-rykh not only drying, but also sterilization of medical tools, ware and other products is carried out, received the name of drying and sterilizing. They are subdivided on round and rectangular, unilateral and bilateral, fire and electric, general purpose and special.

NL appeared in the second half of 19 century E. Braatz in 1899 for subdrying of a dressing material after sterilization used a copper drying oven with double walls. L. Pasteur offered a metal case with fire heating; between double walls of a case the thermoisolating material was laid; openings served in an upper part for the thermometer and an exit of a hot air (see. Pasteur furnace ).

Fig. 1. Drying and sterilizing case ShSS-80p: 1 — the case of the working camera; 2 — a door of the working camera; 3 — the control thermometer; 4 — the electro-contact thermometer; 5 — the operating console; 6 — a support.
Fig. 2. Drying and sterilizing case through passage ShSS-1000pr: 1 — a support; 2 — the case of the working camera; 3 — doors of the working camera; 4 — the operating console; 5 — the handle of a short-time switch; 6 — an information display; 7 — the control thermometer; 8 — an electrocontact thermometer; 9 — pilot lamps; 10 — the handle of the gate of a branch pipe of an air-out from the working camera; 11 — the handle of the gate of overlapping of filters of air delivery in the working camera.

NL represent the working camera supplied with one (fig. 1), or two (fig. 2) doors. Doors and camera of a termoizolirovana. In the camera there are metal regiments with openings for pass of heated air, circulation to-rogo is, as a rule, provided with the fan. Elements of the alarm system, management and control are usually placed in an upper part of a case. In electric NL regulation of temperature in the working camera is carried out automatically — thermoelements or a contact thermometer.

The technical characteristic of domestic drying and sushilnosterilizatsionny ovens is given in the table.

During the work of electric NL it is necessary to follow the safety regulationss provided for operation of electroinstallations up to 1000 century. It is forbidden to make repair of NL during its work, and also to place flammable materials or aggressive substances in the working cell.


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