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DRYERS — the cameras or rooms intended for drying of various objects.

Pages happen industrial (for foodstuff, medical drugs, chemical substances, etc.) and household (for clothes, footwear, hair, skin) appointments. Depending on a way of removal of moisture and character of the influencing agent S. subdivide on convective (the influencing agent — heated air), radiation (the influencing agent — infrared radiation), contact (the influencing agent — heated surfaces), high-frequency (the influencing agent — electric field of high frequency), sublimation (winterizing in vacuum), etc.

In food, medical, chemical and other industries convective and sublimation dryers most were widely adopted (see. Conservation , Lyophilizing ). The movement of air in convective dryers is provided with system of heaters and ventilating devices. Air heats up previously in a heater to admissible temperature and moves in the dryer where it directly adjoins to the dried-up material. At this type of drying of oxidation of substances oxygen does not occur that allows to receive quality products.

Household dryers of convective type are drying ovens, special rooms, hair dryers etc. The device them shall provide a full prosushivayemost of objects for the span which is not exceeding 6 hours, convenience of loading and unloading of things, to exclude air pollution of rooms where drying, and adjacent rooms, damage of objects in the course of drying is made. Household dryers are supplied with regulators of heating and ventilation since drying of objects is possible at the corresponding temperature (for things from wool, fur, synthetic fiber temperature to 45 °, for skin and rubber 30 — 40 °, for cotton 60 — 65 ° is allowed) and constant removal of the moistened air.

In field conditions for drying of clothes and footwear disinfection installations can be used (see. Disinfection chambers ).

At flowing a dignity. supervision of household dryers it is necessary to consider the thermal and ventilating conditions, norms of their loading, to define concentration of chemical substances indoors, in Krom there is S., and in adjacent production rooms. Concentration of chemical substances shall not exceed marginal values for a working zone of the industrial enterprises.

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