DRUMS Arseny Yakovlevich

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DRUMS Arseny Yakovlevich

DRUMS Arseny Yakovlevich (1901 — 1952) — the medical officer, the organizer of military-medical service of the Soviet Army, the lieutenant general of health service. Member of the CPSU. After the termination BMA (1929) served in troops and there passed the way from the junior doctor of a regiment to the head of medical service of the military district.

Since 1939 — the teacher of department of military and voyennosanitarny disciplines of the Kuibyshev VMA. In days of the Great Patriotic War — the head of medical service of army, then the front (Don, Central, the 1st Belarusian). Headed medical service of the front in fights on Volga and on the Kursk arch, in the Belarusian, Hanging and Oder and Berlin operations. After war — the head of department of the organization and tactics of medical service BMA (1945— 1947), the deputy chief of the Head military-medical department (1947 — 1951), the chief command medical faculty of VMA of S. M. Kirov.

It possesses a number of scientific works on the organization of medical providing troops, in particular on synthesis of experience of the Soviet military medicine in the Great Patriotic War. He was a member of editorial bureau and the coeditor according to the section «Organization and Tactics of Health Service» of the Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine. It is awarded by awards: Lenina, Kutuzov of the II degree, two Red Banner, two Patriotic wars of 1 degree, Red Star and medals, and also two awards of the Polish People's Republic.

Works: Sanitary providing a rifle battalion in defense, Works Kuyby-shevsk. soldier. - the medical academician, t. 3, page 29, 1940; Sanitary providing a rifle company in defense, Voyen. - a dignity. business, No. 2, page 53, 1941; Soviet military medicine, Back and snabzh. it is armed, forces, No. 2, page 34, 1948.

Bibliography: The outstanding organizer of military medicine (To the 70 anniversary since the birth of A. Ya. Barabanov), Voyen. - medical zhurn., L «3, page 95, 1971.

A.S. Georgiyevsky.