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DROPPER — device for counting of drops; usually represents a tubule in the form of the pipette supplied with a cap.

Some types of droppers: 1 — a bottle dropper with a ground stopper; 2 — a bottle with the «drop kolenets» entered into it; 3 — a bottle dropper with the ground-in stopper pipette; 4 — a standard kaplemer

It is convenient to dose drops for internal use by means of bottles droppers which on ground stoppers and inner surfaces of necks have fillets forming at appropriate turn of traffic jams channels for an effluence of liquids (fig., 1). A slow effluence of liquid from bottles the curved glass rods placed in necks of bottles facilitate so-called drop kolenets, i.e. kolenoobrazno (fig., 2). Drops for external use (ear, eye and so forth) can be dosed by means of bottles droppers with ground stoppers in the form of pipettes (fig., 3). In drugstores for counting of drops, according to the instruction GFH, use a standard kaplemer (fig., 4). Counting of drops from a kaplemer is made at free discharge of liquids.

If necessary instead of a standard kaplemer it is admissible to use pipette (see), calibrated on the corresponding liquid by weighing of 5 of its tests (on 20 drops in everyone).

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V. P. Kalashnikov, T. D. Semenova.