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DRESSING TABLES — the pieces of the medical equipment intended for accommodation of the patient or the wounded and creation of conveniences to medical personnel during the performing bandagings and simple surgeries.

In the second half of 19 century N. I. Pirogov carried out separation of rooms of a dressing room from the operating room that caused a svzdaniye of a special design of P. of page.

Fig. 1. Field dressing table of a sample of the beginning of the 30th: 1 — a folding support, 2 — a stretcher, 3 — a four-section table-top (panel).
Fig. 2. Table dressing folding: 1 — a frame with the metal panel, 2 — racks with a crossbeam, 3 — a coupling pipe, 4 — wheels, 5 — pedals, 6 — the coupling of a coupling pipe.
Fig. 3. Table dressing field folding: 1 — the metal panel, 2 — legs with a crossbeam, 3,4 — head and foot folding sections of the panel, 5 — folding raspor, 6 — basic arches, 7 — a support with a clip.
Fig. 4. A table dressing field folding with the stretcher established on it: 1 — the panel of a table, 2 — a stretcher, 3 — a belt of a stretcher.
Fig. 5. A table dressing field skladny in laying.
Fig. 6. Table dressing with the mobile panel and a hydraulic pressure drive: 1 — the basis, 2 — kneeboards, 3 — the panel with a mattress, 4 — a frame, 5 — the mechanism of raising of a table, 6 — the inflatable renal roller, 7 — head section of the panel, 8 — the panel for a hand, 9 — stationary wheels, 10 — the mechanism of raising of a table, 11 — the foot pump for a podduv of the renal roller, 12 — a sliding wheel, 13 — a pedal for promotion of a wheel, 14 — legs of a table.
Fig. 7. A table dressing with the mobile panel and a hydraulic pressure drive in the provision of a gynecologic chair.
Fig. 8. A table dressing with the mobile panel and an electrohydraulic pressure drive for mobile medical installations: 1 — the basis, 2 — a crosspiece, 3 — an axis of rotation, 4 — an upper frame, 5 — a bracket for installation of a stretcher, 6 — the panel, 7 — fixers of a stretcher.

Much attention was paid to field P.' creation by the village by medical service AF of the USSR. At the beginning of the 30th the so-called table-top with a support (fig. 1), and in the late sixties — the beginning of the 70th — a dressing field folding table was designed.

Distinguish P. the pages used in hospitals, in field conditions and on mobile vehicles. They are divided into tables with the panel, stationary and mobile on height. Dressing tables with the mobile panel are issued with a mechanical hand, hydraulic and electrohydraulic pressure drive. Panels P. of page happen both one - and multisection.

The table dressing folding is executed in the form of a frame with the metal panel installed on two racks; it is supplied with wheels (fig. 2).

The table dressing field folding (with laying and without laying) represents the metal panel installed on 4 developing legs, consisting of head and foot folding sections, the Crimea can be given various tilt angle to the plane of the panel (fig. 3). On P. a stretcher (fig. 4) can be established to page. The wooden laying (fig. 5) having folding n@zhka is intended for storage and transportation of a table; it can be transformed to a material table of 1200x597x815 mm in size.

The table dressing with the mobile panel and a hydraulic pressure drive (fig. 6) consists of the basis, on Krom the foot hydraulic pressure drive of rise and lowering of the two-section panel is established. The panel is installed on a frame. The head section of the panel can be established at an angle from 0 to 40 °. For P.'s movement by page it is supplied with three wheels — two stationary and one sliding. The item of page can give situation ginekol, chairs (fig. 7).

The table dressing with the mobile panel and an electrohydraulic pressure drive is intended for mobile medical installations (autodressing rooms). The table (fig. 8) is executed in the form of the basis, on Krom the electrohydraulic pressure drive duplicated by a hand-operated hydraulic actuator is established. On a frame the panel for installation of a stretcher with the wounded or for production of bandaging of the patient without stretcher is fixed. Installation and removal of a stretcher are made in extreme lower position of the panel. The rise time of the panel from extreme lower situation in extreme upper by means of the electric drive does not exceed 25 sec.

The short technical characteristic of P. of page is given in the table.

P.'s disinfection by the village is made by 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide with addition of 0,5% of solution of synthetic detergent.

Table. Short technical characteristic of some domestic dressing tables

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