DRESSING GOWNS Semyon Sergeyevich

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DRESSING GOWNS Semyon Sergeyevich (1884 — 1951) is the Soviet pathophysiologist, zasl. scientist of RSFSR. The member of the CPSU since 1921.

Ended in 1908 natural f-t St. Petersburg un-that, and in 1912 — VMA. Worked in VMA where in 1917 protected dokt. the thesis on «To a Question of Cholesteric Diathesis (Experimental Anisotropic Obesity at a White Rat)». In

1922 — 1929 managed department of the general pathology of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that; in 1929 — 1947 headed department of pathological physiology of the 1st MMI. From 1947 to 1950 the head of the laboratory Central oncological in-that, in 1950 — 1951 the manager of pathophysiological laboratory Central kozhnovenerologichesky in-that.

S. S. Halatov is the author of St. 70 scientific works, W. h 8 monographs and 3 textbooks on pathological physiology. S. S. Halatov investigated problems of a metabolism, in particular pathologies of cholesteric exchange, and also endocrinology, gerontology. He proved the first a role of local deposits of cholesterol in an origin of a row patol. processes. S. S. Halatov and his employees experimentally confirmed a pathogenetic role of disturbances of cholesteric exchange in development of atherosclerosis (see). Whether-poidemy it showed also value of damages of a brain in an origin. A considerable part of its works is devoted to hormonal properties of covers of fetal egg and their practical application.

S. S. Halatov's activity promoted creation in the USSR of independent departments of pathological physiology (see. Pathological physiology). On an inrshchiativa S. S. Ha-latova at department of pathological physiology of the 1st MMI was created the USSR's first experimental base of clinical trials.

S. S. Halatov was one of organizers Ob-va of pathologists in St. Petersburg, section of pathophysiologists, Ob-va of pathologists of Moscow, All-Union about-va pathophysiologists, the member of the Academic council of M3 of the USSR, RSFSR, the member of Advisory council of VAK, the honorary member of Swedish about-va doctors.

It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner.

Works: About liquid crystals in an animal organism, about conditions of their emergence and their properties, Works Ob-va patol., in SPb. for 1912 — 1913 akady. year, page 1, 1913; About the relation of a liver to various grades of food fats, Works Ob-va patol. in SPb. for 1911 — 1912 akady. year, page 18, 1913; To a question of cholesteric diathesis, a yew., Pg., 1917; Die anisotrope Verfettung im Lichte der Pathologie des Stoffwechsels, Jena, 1922; The doctrine about diathesis and local deposits of products of exchange, M. — L., 1930; Physiological endocrine system and endocrinopathies in the light of the new theory of the nature and an origin of the hormonal beginnings, M., 1944; The Cholesteric disease in its pathophysiological and clinical value, M., 1946.

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